Become A Ambassador

Do you live the life of a pirate ?? And want to become a part of our Dusty Pirate crew.. 

Join our team of carefree adventurous explorers, READ BELOW and find out how to join the team..

Your Role . 

  • Spread the word of our  brand and what we are about. 
  • Create content for social media that relays the message of Dusty Pirates, post content to your social media platforms and spread the word 
  • Tell ya mates 
  • Tag us in your photos/content 
  • Invite your mates to like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram  
  • Be over 18 years of age 

Instagram page must be public and in your bio to state that you are a @dustypirate Ambassador 

Benefits . 

  • Get featured featured on Dusty Pirates social media platforms.
  • Get 40-50% off Dusty Pirate gear all year! 
  • Get your own discount code to share with you friends & followers. 

You may get freebies and promotional things!!   


How To Apply

Flick us an email to with the information above, tell us about yourself and what would make you a good advocate for our brand. 

Tell us your details  

  • Full name 
  • Instagram account name 
  • Age 
  • Location 
  • Any other social media platforms ??
  • Tell us what makes you a Pirate 

Looking forward to hearing from all you scurvy sailors !! 

Team Dusty Pirates